Famous Presidents Who Owns Golden Toilet

Days ago, Russia’s social networks got tangled in the toilet. It was at least a golden toilet. Gold toilets have become a meme over time. They show that someone is corrupt or has bad taste or both. Dirty politicians know how to steal money, but they don’t know what to do with it. To be clear, these toilets are not made of gold. Instead, they are made of gold-covered ceramic. If you want a golden toilet, you can get one with a thin layer of 18-karat gold for around $30,000. People have said that many world leaders go to the bathroom on toilet gold, but some of these claims aren’t entirely true. Here’s a list of what we already know.

Viktor Yanukovych

In 2017, Transparency Global Ukraine named Viktor Yanukovych the most corrupt leader on the planet. Photos of his alleged bathroom, which showed a throne with lion heads, were all over social media. Yanukovych was removed from power in 2014, and he went to Russia. Since there were no guards at his fancy home, journalists rushed in to take pictures of his money. Reporters found a private zoo with ostriches, a golf course, and even a ship, but they didn’t find a single gold toilet.

Tayyip Erdogan also Owns a Golden Toilet

In 2015, the opposition leader in Turkey, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, hinted that Erdogan, known for spending too much money, had his golden toilet. Noblemen in Ankara, fortresses have been built for you, golden seats bought, planes, Mercedes cars have been bought, and that’s how you go to the bathroom. The president was angry, so he told his opponent to come to the $600 million palace and look for the golden toilet himself. Erdogan said he would step down if Kilicdaroglu could find a gold toilet.

Donald Trump

The former US president has never tried to hide the fact that he loves gold. His $100 million penthouse in New York is decorated with 24-carat gold in the style of Louis XIV. In business, he also likes shiny metals. Another example is the 24-karat gold finish on the glass at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. Before Trump was offered the toilet, it had been plumbed in at the Guggenheim for almost a year, and more than 100,000 people had used it. It was a joke about capitalism and about having too much money. People say that Trump didn’t like the museum’s kind offer and turned it down. Right now, nobody knows where the item is.

Vladimir Putin

A Russian opposition leader named Alexei Navalny, who is now in jail, made a movie in January called Putin’s Palace about a $1.4 billion villa that he says Putin owns. There were pictures of the theatre, underground ice rink, swimming pool, casino, and a secret area called “aqua-disco.” There weren’t any golden toilet, but there was a toilet brush that looked like gold and cost $850. Russians chose a gold toilet brush to protest Putin’s government. They were used instead of banners at the big rallies in January to support Navalny. As a result, many of them were arrested.



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